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Change at the top of Bischofshofen's Presidium!

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

After 40 years of work in the Ski Club Bischofshofen, of which 20 years as managing director and 5 years as president of the Ski Club, Hannes Pichler retires and hands over the leadership of the Ski Club.

His services to the ski club are unquestioned. With his tireless work, he has been responsible for the organization of the final jumping of the Four Hills Tournament for decades and was able to make a significant contribution to the fact that the Three Kings Jumping has grown to become the winter sports event with the highest coverage in recent years. We are especially proud of the fact that he was also the President of the Four Hills Tournament during the last three years. We are losing a widely known president, and a ski jumping expert with world class! As a thank you for his services to the SCB, Hannes will be awarded the honorary presidency as well as the honorary ring of the SCB at the next annual general meeting.

The Board has appointed Manfred Schützenhofer as the new President until the actual election by the General Assembly.

Manfred is not an unknown face in the management team, as in the past years, in addition to his work as financial officer, he also held the honorary position of managing director. In connection with this, he and Christine Schein as his assistant have been mainly responsible for the entire organization of the final jumping of the Four Hills Tournament for the last four years. Of course, he will also lead the presidency on an honorary basis. He enters as the new president with many ideas and has brought to the two vice presidents Wolfgang Bergmüller and Gerhard Auinger the long-time race director of the tour final, Robert Krautgartner as vice president in his team.

This team of four is now going full steam ahead with the further development of the ski club and is looking forward to the tasks ahead. We wish them all the best for the future!!

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