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Record Prize Money: Winner of Four Hills Tournament gets 100,000 Francs

"The winner takes it all" - and that is a new record prize money of 100,000 Swiss francs (about 96,000 euros) for the overall victory at the 70th Four Hills Tournament. With this, the organizers of the famous ski jumping series and their partners quintuple the bonus for the overall winner from now on. In addition to the golden Tour eagle as a trophy, the winner had previously received 20,000 Swiss francs for winning the Tournament. With the increase of 80,000 Swiss francs, the cumulative prize money in the Four Hills Tournament will rise to 400,000 Swiss francs (384,000 euros) from this winter. 75,000 Swiss francs each will be paid out per venue as World Cup prize money and the qualification.

"It's great that we are starting into a new prize money dimension with the 70th Tournament and that we can reward the Four Hills winner for his magnificent performance much better than before. I would like to thank all those involved who made this possible," says the President of the Four Hills Tournament, Dr. Peter Kruijer from Oberstdorf, and makes it clear: "The prize money increase is a joint effort of the four organising committees in Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen as well as the German and Austrian Ski Federations. Everyone really pulled together here."

The winner of the Four Hills Tournament can thus win prize money of over 150,000 Swiss francs for the first time from this season. "The prerequisite for this is the Tournament Grand Slam, i.e. victory at all four venues, and also winning all four qualifying competitions," says Manfred Schützenhofer, the President of the Bischofshofen Ski Club.

So far, there have already been three quadruple winners in the tournament history who have taken the Four Hills Tournament Grand Slam. Exactly 20 years ago, Sven Hannawald (Germany) achieved this for the first time ever; in the 2017/18 season, Poland's Kamil Stoch triumphed four times, and the following year Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) also managed the quadruple triumph.

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